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Hieronder ons overig repertoire.
De nummers voor de titel verwijzen naar de nummers in onze koormap.
NummerTitel Blz.YouTube linkComponist / Arrangement
NummerTitelBlz.YouTube linkComponist / Arrangement
100Morgenlied. Er weckt mich alle MorgenTekst: Jochen Klepper
Muziek: Rudolf Zobley
Koorzetting: Karola Hausburg
181Like a singing birdBob Chilcott
182If ye love meBob Chilcott
183HallelujahLeonard Cohen
184Amazing GraceJay Althouse
185Der TanzFranz Schubert
186My true love hath my heartJohn Rutter
187AnthemsJohn Rutter
1. God be in my head 2
2. A Prayer of Saint Patrick 4
3. All things bright and beautiful 6
4. For the beauty of the earth 12
5. I will sing with the Spirit 23
6. Look at the world 31
7. Go forth into the world in peace 42
8. A clare Benediction 48
9. The Lord bless you and keep you 51
10. The peace of God 56
11. A choral Amen 62
189Missa Simplex - KyrieRihards Dubra
190Missa Simplex - GloriaRihards Dubra
191Missa Simplex - Benedictus SanctusRihards Dubra
192Missa Simplex - Agnus DeiRihards Dubra
482The Lord bless you and keep youGerard Breas
545aMy way
557An Irish Blessing
James E. Moore
565Tjebje Pojiem
574Vader wij eren U
T. Kropivsek
592Bless us this dayJulie Knowless
Tore W. Aas
God so loved the world
Sally DeFord
Abide with me
Adoramus te Christe
Th. Dubois
656LaudateKnud Nystedt
Wunderbarer König
660O sing unto the Lord
Hernry Purcell
667Ubi Caritas
Karl Jenkins
Jesus bleibet meine Freude
J.S. Bach
681Morning has brokenJohn Rutter